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Prerana Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings

Module #1:  Aerial Foundations

Taking root to Fly...

Firefly Hot Yoga
118 South Washington Sq.
Lansing, MI ​​
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Module #1: Aerial Foundations

Taking root to Fly...
Taught by YACEP Providor Elissa Voigt
This technique is inspired by leading inversion and functional movement science while firmly grounded in teaching students how to create safe and succesful learning environments.  Prerana Yoga Aerial foundations Training offers the opportunity of transitioning your practice into the air, defying gravity, moving freely, releasing fear, and centering into deeper understandings of your being.

This course will provide you with the techniques and structure required to deliver complete yoga classes using the aerial fabric. It will also develop the skills necessary to be a connected and dynamic teacher, bringing new dimensions to your practice and classes

Prerequisite  It is reccommended that a 200-hr yoga certification program AND some aerial experience is completed before applying to this training.


Aerial Foundations curriculum is designed to empower you with the anatomy, physiology, teaching, safety, and business skills needed to become a successful aerial yoga instructor.  Understanding the anatomy and physiology involved in using the support system of the aerial fabric will deepen your existing knowledge of human movement and yoga postures.  Most importantly, you will be able to use this knowledge to become more adept at helping with and understanding your students issues.  Aerial yoga provides an intense and challenging learning environment, from both the perspectives of student and teacher.  Aerial Foundations allows you to navigate the multiple learning styles and comfort zones of your students while keeping your room safe and comfortably working their way towards their goals.
Learn how to guide students and masterfully negotiate the following:

   ● Inversions and Safety
   ● Level 1  Aerial Techniques & Yoga Postures
   ● Sequencing a level 1 class
   ● Benefits and Contraindications of Aerial Yoga
   ● Safety in Rigging
   ● Assists and modifications
   ● Aerial Yamas and Niyamas

Prerana Aerial Yoga Teacher Training  hours count as continued education credits towards Yoga Alliance RYT requirements.  While you do not need to be Yoga Teacher Certified to take our courses, you must have training as a yoga teacher in order to receive an endorsement.

Sample Daily Schedule

The daily schedule will be subject to change based on the day and the needs of the students.​​​

11a      Aerial Class (Inversions)
12p      Lunch
1p        Anatomy & Physiology/ Observations & Assists
2p        Practice Teaching
            (Yoga Postures)                                      (Aerial Techniques)                     
              Happy Baby                                           Straddleback from standing
              Upavista Konasana                               Straddleback from seat
              Adho Mukha Badda Konasana                            

3p        Aerial Class: Grounded Standing Postures
4p        Anatomy & Physiology/ Observations & Assists
5p        Practice Teaching
             (Yoga Postures)                             (Aerial Techniques) 
              Tadasana                                       Stabilizing
              Utkatasana                                    Forward hip harness
              Vira 1                                                           
              Vira 2
              Vira 3
              Adho Mhuka Svanasana

Upcoming Module #1 Trainings

FALL (Firefly Hot Yoga)
Friday Oct 18, 7-10pm
Saturday Oct 19, 1-7pm 
Sunday Oct 20 11-5pm
Friday Oct 25, 7-10pm
Saturday Oct 26, 1-7pm 
Sunday Oct 27, 11-5pm
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FIREFLY HOT YOGA: 118 S. Washington Square, Lansing, MI 48910  
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
This 1,200-square foot studio is in the second floor space above Kewpee Sandwich Shoppe.  This location has renectly been beautifully renovated to accommodate classes in this historic downtown boutique setting. The building and the restaurant have been in the Weston family for more than 40 years.  On site accomodations include: two bathrooms, one shower, filtered water, plenty of lounge/study space, and the studio is heated with infra-red heat!  Nearby accomodations include: Grand Traverse Pie Company and the Radisson Hotel.  ​

Pricing & Important Logistics

-Tuition is $600 and does not cover room or board but there are many budget choices nearby,   please contact [email protected] for more info!
-Payment policy: $100 is due with submission of your application to secure your spot.  The     rest of the tuition will be due on your first day of training.
-Please email [email protected] to inquire about payment plan accomodations.
-Download and fill out application to the best of your ability.  
-Return application via email to [email protected]
​-Submit deposit with application (full deposit refund if you are denied acceptance)
-Allow 3 business days for application review
-Failing to submit deposit AND application may result in your spot being given to the   next eligible candidate
- Manual provided and includes all module one topics. 
- Recommended Texts:
  Functional Anatomy of Yoga, David Keil
  Yamas & Niyamas, Deborah Adele
  Some form of posture specific Yoga Anatomy such as:
  Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff
​  Anatomy of Yoga, Ray Long
-Continued support and educational opportunities through Trainers/     Community/Instructional videos

For additional information please contact 
[email protected]