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Prerana Favorites
Whether you are flying through the air or swimming through the sea, the right gear makes a big difference in how well you play.  Cruise through our merchandise selection to make a social statement or to just look good.  

  1. #standupmichigan malas
    #standupmichigan malas
    When you buy our handmade Great Lakes Emblem Mala, a portion of your purchase goes to cleaning, protecting and perserving our Michigan's freshwater resources. Cost: $25.00
  2. #Standupforcleanwater Trucker Hat
    #Standupforcleanwater Trucker Hat
    Protect yourself from the sun, make a statement and look good while doing it. When you buyy our signature hats, a portion of your purchase is donated to cleaning, protecting and perserving Michigan's freshwater resources. Cost $25.00
  3. Aerial Hammock
    Aerial Hammock
    Not all aerial hammocks are created equal. Our fabric utilizes dual stretch technology in order to to create even compression and allow for more comfortable and sustainable stretches, locks and holds. Cost: $250
  4. Rash Gaurds
    Rash Gaurds
    Protection from the sun can be as beaitiful as nature itself. Waterlust is a brand we trust because of their dedication to the environment and quality products. Each type of rashgaurd is inspired by attributes and creatures of the sea. Cost: $100.00
  5. Prerana Gift Card
    Prerana Gift Card
    Simply email us at [email protected] We offer $25, $50, $100 and customizable amounts for purchase. Include what you would like your gift card to say and your preference of theme: water, earth or air. We will reply with a link where you can make your online payment. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.
You Know You Want It
Prerana Yoga is pleased to represent the Waterman Paddleboard line.  Versatile, eco-friendly, premium quality, and affordable.  Shop now, pay and play later!